Today agricultural market is full of different growth promoters, stimulants and various fertilizers for plants. As their quantity rises, the quality of those products is still questionable. Moreover, a large number of chemical and biological terms that producers use for description of their products is unclear not only for an ordinary buyer but for people who have some experience in the agricultural sphere. We will help solve those problems as our company proposes a unique fully natural growth stimulant for fruits, vegetables, grains and flowers.

A-Rise NGS contains useful health-giving humic and fulvic acids in its pure forms, whereas the majority of fertilizer producers offer humates (potassium or sodium salts of humic acids).
So what’s so unique about our product?

The unique formula of natural organic growth stimulants

One of most important features of NGS is its production method, it is not chemical. At all! We use fully physical method to create our stimulant and enrich it with humic/fulvic acids and other useful substances. The second feature is the composition. Having examined plant growth technology thoroughly we can say that although humic acid salts (humates) do exert a positive impact on plant growth and development, they possess only a small amount of humic acid useful properties. Moreover, humates do not contain such a rich amount of minerals and vitamins. In Ukraine all of the liquid humate manufactures recommend to use their products in combination with additional minerals and trace elements to increase the fertilizer performance. We proudly announce that NGS is a self-sufficient product which does not require any additives. Furthermore, our production technology allows to manufacture growth stimulants with record amount of those acids. Thirdly, due to our production methods
A-Rise organic stimulant is rather cheap in comparison to other humic acid based stimulators. So your natural organic yield won’t cost you a fortune, which is a very pleasant factor, too, isn’t it? =)

Moreover, we are to help every client calculate the exact dose and create growth promotion plan for any individual case depending on the soil condition and type of crop they cultivate.

We have created a unique natural environment-friendly product that aims to provide long and healthy living for you through the food you eat as we believe that healthy body and healthy Planet are the most valuable things we can strive for!

You can check out more detailed information about our stimulants in the product catalog.

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