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Pesticides and nitrogen fertilizers harmful impact in plant cultivation.

   Fertilizers and pesticides are both used in agricultural sphere to protect crops and increase overall harvest. In the same time, those chemicals may cause water pollutions they are transmitted off the farms together with eroded soil right after rainfalls. Some specialists consider pesticides to jeopardize not only non-target animals and eco plant species, but also human health.

Properties of fertilizers

   There is no doubt that different chemical stimulants contribute to crop growing and plant cultivation all over the world. As the global population increases rapidly the demand for food rises dramatically. Nowadays, according to the statistic, more than a half of the vegetables and fruits around the globe are cultivated with an application of fertilizers. Mineral fertilizers play a great role in plant growing and soil treatment. They are widely used to promote plant growth and development as well as increase yield. Better harvests also reduce the need for change of new lands for agricultural purposes, backing protection of bio-diversity.

   Depending on its composition there are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, complex mineral fertilizers and microfertilizers. They are products of chemical production and contain one or several nutrients in high concentration. Potassium and sodium have equally wide ranging role in the plant’s nutrient uptake and photosynthesis. They are significant for increasing plant strength, improved drought and low temperatures resistance. Although mineral fertilizers can be helpful during the first 2-3 years, their favor and benefits are questionable in the long run. Constant application of those fertilizers will contribute to accumulation of several main elements from the fertilizers: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sodium which will lead to soil exhaustion as there is a bit greater number of macro and micro elements necessary for human body and normal soil fertility. As a result, the food that we grow lacks valuable minerals and vitamins, which will definitely influence our health. Moreover, while using mineral fertilizers definite portions unavoidably come into waterway. This source of threat take place countrywide and the nitrogen fertilizers find their way into rivers, lakes and seas. It causes eutrophication afterwards and leads to dead aquatic life.

Danger and harm of pesticides

   The term pesticide in general means number of chemical elements used to control insects, fungi and growth of weeds. They have many functions and some of them are more necessary to society than others. Those substances can stop crop destruction or control invasive harmful plants. They are able to promote a good quality of product. Some types of pesticides decrease blemishes on fruits, providing to better proportion of the crops that are more marketable. But regular application of pesticide and nitrogen fertilizer is unsafe and risky for plants, soils and human health. But what is the cost?

   However, pesticides are very harmful not only for insects or fungus, but for humans as well. Many studies have concluded that pesticide application can cause some acute health problems (dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, skin and eye problems) in workers that handle those. It is estimated that around 500,000 people are poisoned by pesticides in China each year. Moreover, pesticides are claimed to be causing long-term health disorders like cancer or fertility problems among workers applying the chemicals.

Main negative aspects:

  • According to numerous research, the way that pesticides affect human body is not completely studied yet. But the tendency is not bright. Agrarians who experienced repetitive exposure to pesticides have shown neurological symptom like headaches and hand tremor. Youngsters, in specific, can be even more vulnerable to negative influences resulting from contacts with pesticides or consuming food that we grow using them.
  • Pesticide application can cause long-term health problems such as cancer, neurological problems, reproductive disorders (birth defects, fetal death) and fertility disorders.
  • Effects on fertility depend on hard treatment of soils with pesticides. It can cause reducing in population of beneficial soil microorganisms. Decreasing in level of bacteria leads to the soil degrades. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has similar influence on the soil organisms like impact of antibiotics on human organism.
  • Unselective usage of chemicals substances may work for a couple of years, but after that time, there will not be sufficient amount of useful soil organisms. For instance, plants depend on multiplicity of soil microorganisms, which help transform atmospheric nitrogen into nitrates that plants can consume. Usual artificial herbicide interrupts that process.
  • These chemicals can have disturbing effects on non-target animals as well. For instance, one of very common herbicide that is popular in agricultural use is decidedly toxic to fish. Some of pesticides are linked with cancer and neurotoxicity.

   Organic peat based natural growth stimulants and fertilizers are a healthy alternative. Especially for industrial scale farmers, directing to apply chemical-free fertilizers and not to damage their soil because they prefer to grow environment-friendly organic vegetables and fruits. Those chemical-free growth promoters are can become an innovative way to cultivate non-toxin healthy products. However, nowadays agricultural sphere is full of various growth supporters, stimulating substances and numerous fertilizers for plants.

   The number of those products increase but the quality of them vary and still can be questionable. In addition, a wide variety of specific chemical or biological terminology that manufacturers use for descriptions do not give clear understanding to main positive effects of these products even for experienced farmers. That is why we are aimed to settle those issues. We tried to create an effective growth stimulant in a non-chemical way. In addition, we wanted to help people cultivate natural and healthy products. And we succeeded! A-Rise NGS is very effective and is proved to enrich fruits, vegetables, flowers or grains with vitamins and other healthy substances. Its specific feature is that it contains beneficial humic and fulvic acids in their pure forms. Meantime fertilizer producers often suggest humates, potassium and sodium salts of those acids.

   A-Rise stimulant is a special product because of its non-chemical production method. By applying our physical technology, we effectively take the full range of vitamins, minerals and humic/fulvic acids out of Ukrainian peat an enrich our growth promoter with them. Large amount of minerals and vitamins make turf based organic nourishment suitable to any types of crops and under conditions of any temperature changes. Usage of those nutrients is recommended for the period of every plant growth phase. The stimulant is suggested to be used in practice of organic agriculture to achieve higher productivity and better quality of crops.

   Use of nutrient is common in application to different kinds of plants and has no harmful effect to humans, animals and soil. Study of the chemical composition and actual biological activity of humic nutrients with methods of antioxidant evaluation, showed the results that confirmed their biotic efficiency and safeness.

   Modern society growing demand for foodstuff, fuels, and raw material and the rising resources reduction and ecosystem bad conditions inflict the usage of higher maintainable method and technologies in the agriculture production system. These days we have faced the big problem to satisfy the rising demand for food recourses and do it in a safe and natural ways not damaging the humans, nor the Planet. And one of the possible ways to achieve this goal is to enhance plant cultivation using organic growth stimulants.

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