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Our Products

A-Rise Natural Growth Stimulants are produced using a new chemical-free technology. It is made only of organic low-level Ukrainian peat and fresh pure spring water. No other additives. Our professional team of biologists and physicists has developed a natural biological way to create an effective non-toxic fertilizer full of useful components.

A-Rise Stimulax products naturally stimulates plant growth and development as well as improves and restores soil fertility. Much research has shown that traditional humates also have a positive influence on those factors. And it’s true, but they are effective only in combination with other additives while their efficiency is almost half less than NGS.

Stimulax formula specially created for fruit and berry cultivation.

Here we offer you our special vegetable formula of Stimulax.

Specifically developed formula of Stimulax for flower cultivation.

Specially optimized Stimulax formula for cultivation of cereals, legumes, pseudocereals and oilseeds.

Exceptional technology and rich composition

The unique production technology allows to extract all the natural bio active substances out of peat on the molecular level and enrich our stimulant with:

humic acid;

fulvic acid;

low-molecular acids;

organic acids;

amino acids;





other water-soluble carboxylic acids among which prevail succinic, oxalic, malic, fumaric, gallic, citric, salicylic acids;

vitamins В2, В12, PP etc.

A-Rise peat based fertilizers contains the following amount of humic and fulvic acids – 140 g/L including 40 g/L fulvic acids, 95-100 g/L humic acids. Such level of organic and biologically active compounds is unique to any producer.


Application of NGS brings a new way of experience in agricultural sphere providing natural growth promotion for plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables. It allows to cultivate more organic high-quality products with higher amount of vitamins, sugar and other valuable substances.
We proudly present you the main advantages of using our exclusive NGS. A-Rise organic stimulant will defenitely help you to:

  1. Increase the amount of yield;
  2. Stimulate plant growth and development;
  3. Decrease yield ripping time;
  4. Increase plant survival rate after transplanting;
  5. Increase illness and bacteria resistance;
  6. Increase fertility of your soil;
  7. Reduce crop nitrogen level and much more!

Peat based natural organic fertilizer is appropriate for all kinds of crops and any agro climatic zone, it’s highly recommended to use during all plant growth stages – from pre sowing seed priming and plant spraying during vegetation to after-harvest soil treatment. The OGS is recommended to use in organic agriculture to get natural and organic yield.

A-Rise NGS is a first of its kind, it does not contain nitrogen and potassium additives or other soil-harmful pesticides. We have a clean product which takes care not only of your plants and cattle but also of our Planet.

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