Stimulax for Grains


✓ 100% non-toxic;

✓ Environmentally friendly;

✓ Safe for people and animals;

✓ No chemicals.

STIMULAX contains a least:
Organic substances88%
Humic acids40.5%
Fulvic acid22%


Stimulax for Grains

Specially optimized Stimulax formula for cultivation of grain crops. We have taken the amount of fulvic and humic acids and other vital substances which is the most favorable for growing grains. We recommend to use it on all stages of cultivation: from pre sowing seed treatment to soil treatment after harvesting. Stimulax for grains will help you increase grain quality, plant immunity against illnesses and yield amount. It will also improve the fertility and structure of your soil.
Dissolve this concentraded product in pure water in proportion 1:200.
Available packaging: plastic bucket 5 | 10 | 20 L

We provide directions for use (including precise amount of product and quantity of treatment) for each customer individually, depending on the grain type.

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Stimulax for Flowers

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